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Everything about the Winter White Dwarf Hamster (and more!)

The Winter White Hamster, also known as the Djungarian Hamster or the Siberian Hamster is one of the most sought after dwarf hamsters out there. Belonging to the Phodopus Genus and closely related to Campbells Dwarf Hamster they are common as pets in Europe, Asia and North America. What distinguishes the Winter White is its amazing ability […]

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Best Hamster Food: What do hamsters eat?

1Summary:Having researched both organic and non-organic hamster food, and seeing hamsters indulge in their food, our opinion is the Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix is the best hamster food out there.Key FeaturesPelleted food, ensuring your hamster doesn’t “cherry-pick” its favorite piecesRich in natural antioxidants for general health and immune supportContains both […]

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Best, Large Hamster Cages (for both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters!)

When we got our hamster, Mr. Bubbles, we were excited and after a while, a little disappointed.We just had a feeling that he wasn’t really enjoying his life and the answer quickly become clear: His hamster cage was too small!That very same cage we were told that was large enough, didn’t live up to the […]

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Hamster Buying Guide: 4 things to look for before getting a hamster

You’ve decided you want to get pet hamster. And if you’ve read our guide to hamster types you probably also know which breed you want. Whether you are getting a hamster from a shelter or a pet store, there is a 4-point checklist that I use every time to make sure I bring home a happy, […]

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Baby Hamster: 8-Step Guide to Hamster Babies

As you grow fond of your hamster, having hamster babies probably seems like a good idea. After all, they are cute, cuddly and watching something grow is amazing. However, the American Humane Society stance is to prevent hamsters being born. The main reasons are the following: Hamster may eat their babies which can be quite distressing It is hard […]

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Syrian Hamster

10 Easy Hamster Care Tips For A Happy Hammy

​Every pet owner out there wants to take the best possible care of their little pet, whether they have a hamster, a dog or a fish. ​However, it can be REALLY hard to figure out what the do’s and don’ts are, when it comes to hamster care. But here’s the thing: It turns out that […]

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Hamster Care: 5-step Guide to Tame a Hamster

Handling and interacting with a pet is one of the main reasons for having one. And with hamsters it’s not different. Having just bought a new hamster at the pet store and bringing it home, the urge to start handling and petting it is huge. After all, it seems so cute and cuddle. And perhaps, […]

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Adopting a Hamster? 3 things to consider

I’ll be the first to admit it. When I got my hamster, Bubbles, I went to the pet store and bought him. And I could never imagine having chosen someone else over him. However, I know hamsters have a relatively short life span and Bubbles won’t be around in a couple of years. And my […]

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Are Bananas Good for Hamsters? 22 Foods Hamsters Can (& Can’t) Eat

All types of hamster can eat bananas – and my Syrian Hamster, Mr. Bubbles absolute loves his banana treats in his large hamster cage. Bananas also have plenty of positive side effects. They have a lot of fiber and tons of vitamin B and vitamin C, which can otherwise be hard for hamsters to get. […]

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Syrian Hamster or a Dwarf Hamster: What Type is Right For Me?

So, you have decided you want a pet hamster as part of your family. And that’s a great choice! Hamsters are cute, cuddly and are bound to attract the “nawh” expression from both young and adults. In addition, they are compatible with a busy life and requires minimal maintenance. The first thing to know is there […]

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