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Chinchilla Cage

7 Best Chinchilla Cages in 2019 (Money can Buy)

We all want the best for our chinchillas. And the single most important part of chinchilla well-being is their cage. With all the options out there it can be difficult to figure out which one to get for our furry freinds but today we offer the solution. We have reviewed the 7 best Chinchilla cages in 2019 to […]

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Chinchilla Hay

Best Chinchilla Hay (for happy chins) | 2019 REVIEW

What is the best type of hay for my chinchillas? Not sure whether you should go for Timothy Hay, Alfalfa, Brome Hay, or Alpine Hay? Or maybe you already know the answer and are looking for the very best hay out there? Then keep reading, because today we have reviewed the top 3 best hays for your chinchillas’, […]

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Chinchilla Wheel

5 Best Chinchilla Wheels (2019) | Reviews and Guide

A chinchilla wheel is essential in your chinchilla cage to provide your furry friends with opportunities to exercise and ensure they stay healthy and fit. Chinchillas are very active, so you will find them running, jumping and climbing up and down. That is also why you need to include an exercise wheel in their cage to […]

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Chinchilla Bedding

6 Best Chinchilla Beddings (for an odor-free cage) | 2019

Are you looking for the best chinchillas’ bedding? Well, look no further. We have reviewed the top 6 best chinchilla beddings in 2019 that are absorbent and soft to help promote your pets exercise and keep them happy and healthy. In addition, you need bedding that absorbs odors, soak up urine and the material should […]

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Chinchilla Toys

9 Best Chinchilla Toys (your chins will love) | 2019 review

Do chinchillas’ need toys? Yes, they do. Toys are essential for your chinchillas,’ and they help you as a chinchilla owner meet the mental, physical, and habitation needs of your furry friends. Most chinchilla toys are made of wood making them chew toys which are always fun for chinchillas’. Some of these toys include wooden blocks […]

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Chinchilla Hammock

5 Best Chinchilla Hammocks (for harmonic relaxation)

A chinchilla hammock is a great way to provide your furry friends with some cuddly and soft place they can rest and sleep when not exercising – and a chinchilla hammock works best.  It can be a single or double- layer made out of rope or fleece, and they are perfect for making your chins feel […]

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Chinchilla Food

Best Chinchilla Food (your chins will love) | 2019 REVIEW

Did you know chinchillas’ are vegetarians? And did you know they have delicate stomachs? Or did you know that chinchillas are coprophagous pets meaning they feed on their droppings. But, don’t panic! This practice is normal and healthy as they get more nutrients from their feces. To help you take care of your chinchillas’ we have reviewed 4 […]

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Chinchilla Dust Bath

3 Best Chinchilla Dust Bath Products

It’s a natural behavior for your chinchillas to take a flourishing dust bath which helps absorb dirt and skin oils from their fur keeping their lush coats healthy and clean. A dust bath is fun and relaxing, and it helps to keep your furry friend’s thick fur silky and smooth. It’s essential to provide a dust […]

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