Here's How Much Pet Adoption Has Changed In Every US State

Here’s How Much Pet Adoption Has Changed In Every US State

Over the last few years, it seems interest in pet adoption has risen significantly. Or more specifically, it seems the interest in pet adoption has risen.

Here at MyPerkyPet we love crunching numbers so we decided to figure out whether that was true.

To do so, we gathered state-by-state Google Trends Data for the last ten years and calculated, whether people were searching more or less for pet adoption.

Basically, Google Data Trends shows if a topic is getting more or less popular based on its search volume.

The Good News? Nationwide, searches for pet adoption has risen by 12%. However, under that data there are huge state-by-state differences.

In the map below, we have gathered all the data so you can see, if pet’s are getting rescued in your state…

… and below, we show what you can do to help spread the word about pet adoption.

PS: Hover over your state to see the exact change in percent. 

Here’s How You Can Help

If you want to spread the word about pet adoption, there are basically two things you can do:

  • If someone you know is thinking about a pet, then ask them if they have considered adopting their pet
  • If you are looking to adopt a pet, head over to and see what options you have
  • Share this post on social media or through email to help raise awareness

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Our Data Methodology

Here’s the steps we took to produce the data:

  1. We downloaded 10 year monthly data for every US State for the topic “Pet Adoption”
  2. We then organized this in one big Excel sheet
  3. We took the state-by-state 12-month average from the periods 1. July 2008 to 30. June 2009 and compared this to period from 1. July 2017 to 30. June 2018.
  4. A positive change means the latter period had a higher average monthly search volume

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