Best Ferret Litter (for odor control and absorption) | 2019 REVIEW

There are a lot of litters available in the market...

... and you're probably asking questions like?

  1. Does it help control smell?
  2. How well does it absorb material?
  3. Is it safe for me and my pet?

So if you want the answers to these and quickly find the best ferret litter options out there, then continue reading!


So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter, 20 lbs.


When it comes to animal litters, the best option to go for is those that are made from paper because it is the most absorbent and the best in controlling odour. Aside from that, litter made from paper has a lesser amount of dust, if none at all. Ferrets pee and defecate often because of their fast metabolism that’s why it is best to provide them with a litter that takes up well and can effectively manage odour.

All of those mentioned quality of the best litter for your small pet can be seen with So Phresh Paper pellet. It is made from post-consumer paper that was made into a pellet for better absorption. Another great feature of the Phresh Paper Pellet is that it contains baking soda that helps in eliminating or managing the odour caused by your pets waste.

Key Features

Made from recycled paper, is biodegradable and environment-friendly

Contains baking soda to further control the odour

Made into pellets. Although pellets are better in absorption, your pet may think of it as treat

99% Dust-free


Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellets Small Animal Litter, 10 Liters


If you want to provide the best for your pet while also saving the planet, Fresh News Litter is for you. This animal litter is made from recycled paper, which is biodegradable and compostable. It is also made into a pellet for easier scooping and will also be helpful in keeping the mess inside the litter box because litter made into a pellet is heavy enough to stick to your pet.

This litter is completely safe for the sensitive respiratory system of your ferret and your whole household because it is 99% dust-free and 100% non-allergenic. Litters that are made into pellets are better in absorption and odour-management. With the Fresh News Litter’s ammonia locker technology, you can be sure that you won’t be smelling odours for an extended period of time.

Key Features

Made from recycled paper. Very eco-friendly

With ammonia locker technology for odour control

Made into a pellet for better management of your pets mess

99% Dust-free and 100% non-allergenic


Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals


Although made from recycled paper, this litter was not made into a pellet but just crumbled instead. Paper is a great material for absorption. However, when paper is made into tiny bits like this, it may not be able to perform well. It can absorb liquid but you have to use a huge amount of this litter to soak up your pet’s mess. It will cost you money and will require you to clean the litter more often. Also, this litter is quite light and will easily stick to your pet when they go out of their litter box scattering the litter everywhere.

Because of the size and shape of this litter, your ferret might confuse this with food or treat and they might eat it. Unless you’re confident that your pet will not consume it accidentally, then you can get this litter.

Key Features

Made from recycled paper

99.5% dust free

Crumbled bedding. Due to size and shape, your ferret might confuse it with food or treat

Unbleached and free from baking-soda


Marshall Premium Litter for Ferrets and Small Animals, 50lb


Since this is from Marshall, a well known brand that specializes in all things ferret, we can expect that anything they make is the best choice for our ferrets.

The Marshall Ferret Litter's made with recycled paper which makes it biodegradable and compostable. You may also flush this down the drain but only in small amounts and not often because there is still a possibility that it will clog your drainage. It is also dust-free so you are confident that the respiratory system of your pet is safe.

Coming from a well-known brand (that also makes ferret toys and ferret hammocks), this litter doesn’t have any unique features to offer but you can be sure that it will perform the basic features that you expect from a ferret litter.

Key Features

Made from recycled paper

Dust-free and non-allergenic

Flushable. However, you should flush this down the drain in small amounts and not often because it may still clog your drainage

Non-clumping litter

Made by a well-known brand for ferrets


Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Multi-Cat Litter, 25 Pound


This litter is initially intended for cats. The smell of a cat’s pee and faeces is very strong. If this litter can handle that kind of odour, you can be certain that this can absorb and control the smell of your ferret’s waste well.

This litter is made from recycled paper. The baking soda and the fibers of the paper work together in controlling odour. This litter is dust free so, your pet is safe and will not sneeze even if they put their heads and dig in it. Also, because of the size of this litter, your pet will not confuse this with food or treat and unnecessary accidents will be avoided.

Key Features

Made from recycled paper

With baking soda to help in neutralizing odour

Dust-free and non-allergenic

Packaged in a resealable bag to maintain freshness


Kaytee Small Animal Critter Litter, 8-Pound


Clay in general is not a very good choice to be used for litter in terms of safety regardless of the brand. Clays get sticky when wet and gets hard like a cement once it dries up. Since ferrets like to rub their bottoms after they “go”, there is a possibility that it will stick to their fur or worst, their eyes, nose or rectum. It may also cause blockage when ingested. Basically, clay litter posts a lot of threat to your pet.

If you really want to give this kind of litter a try, you may want to check on it daily to see if it needs to be replaced with a fresh batch of litter. However, changing litters often becomes expensive. Also, since it dries up like cement, cleaning your pet’s cage may become more challenging.

Key Features

Made from 100% Bentonite clay

Absorbs 10x its weight in water. However, it can get paste-y when wet and dries like cement

99% dust-free


Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter, Softer Texture Unscented Cat Litter - 13.2 lb. Bag, Model Number: 702309


The Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat litter has two options: The soft texture and the original texture.  They both offer gentleness on your pet’s paws but the former provides an extra mildness and softness for more sensitive paws.

This litter is made from recycled paper so, you are at peace that you are doing something for the environment without having to sacrifice the comfort of your pet. In addition, paper pellets are known to absorb odour and moisture better than other kinds of litter. If it can handle the waste off cats, you can be certain that it can also take care of your ferrets mess.  It is 99.9% dust-free and unscented that makes it completely safe for your pets’ sensitive respiratory system.

Key Features

Made with recycled paper

99.9% Dust-free

Comes in soft texture and original texture



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