5 Best Chinchilla Wheels (2019) | Reviews and Guide

A chinchilla wheel is essential in your chinchilla cage to provide your furry friends with opportunities to exercise and ensure they stay healthy and fit.

Chinchillas are very active, so you will find them running, jumping and climbing up and down. That is also why you need to include an exercise wheel in their cage to promote these exercises for your chinchilla and avoid boredom. 

To help you be a successful chinchilla owner we have reviewed the top 5 best exercise wheels for chinchillas in 2019 that will help provide your furry friends with a lifespan full of activities.


15' Chin Spin - Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA


The 15” chin spin is an open-wheel for chinchillas built with quality wood backing interior and metal exterior to ensure the safety of your pets when exercising. This chin spin features a 15 inches diameter to give your chinchillas an ample room to use.

Several users recommend this chinchilla wheel stating that it’s heavy duty and built to last longer. The 15” chin spin wheel is quite large hence the need to have a sized cage that suits it. It’s easy to mount it to most cages with supplied hardware, and we recommend the wheel bottom to be 2 inches above your cage floor.

Key Features

Features heavy-duty metal exterior/wood interior construction

No plastic to chew

Features an open- wheel design with a wide running space

It’s large but durably mounts to all wire cages

Has a 15 inches diameter with safe & smooth front edge

Features dual ball bearings for sufficient performance


It’s a large wheel hence provide a broad running surface for your chinchillas which great for spinal health

The front edge is safe and smooth to ensure the safety of your chins when coming aboard or spinning

The wheel is chew-proof and virtually indestructible making it ideal for chinchillas

It’s sturdy and durable to last longer


If your chinchilla is hyper, it causes the metal wheel to be a bit loud

You must have a roomy cage since the wheel takes up much space of the cage


15' Chin-Sprint : All-Metal Durable, Fast Exercise Wheel - for Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Rats, Degus, Hedgehogs, Opossums & Other Small Pets (Black)


The Chin-Sprint from Exotic Nutrition is another chinchilla wheel on our list that we recommend. The wheel features all-metal construction that is easy to clean and last for a lifetime. Additionally, the wheel has an open-faced design with a 6 inches running surface making it perfect for chinchillas to exercise in.

The wheel features 15 inches diameter which prevents curvature of the chins spine while the axle-free construction ensures that the tail of the chinchillas is not entangled as they spin. Better still, all the edges are smooth, hemmed and covered with powder coating to ensure the safety of your chinchillas.

Furthermore, your chinchillas will enjoy a smooth spin thanks to the dual ball bearings which allows the wheel to spin fast, smoothly and whisper-silent. Just like other wheels, you can also mount the Chin-Sprint to the side of all wired cages easily.

Key Features

All metal construction

Features extra wide tracks for running

Huge 15 inches diameter

Pet-safe powder coat finish for durability

Dual ball bearings for a smooth spin

Smoothly hemmed edges for safety


The all-metal construction is perfect for chinchillas since it can’t be chewed on, splinter, crack, or absorb odor

The 6 inches running surface is an excellent deal for your chinchillas to exercise in

The huge 15” diameter prevents the chins against the curvature of the spine

The axle-free construction ensures that the tail of your chins won’t be entangled when spinning

All the edges are pressed into shape with no joint or seams to cause injury to your chinchillas

The rolling ball bearing allows your wheel to spin fast, whisper-silent, and smooth


The wheel is quite heavy

Huge and occupy a lot of space in your cage


Silent Runner 12' Wide + Cage Attachment - Silent, Fast, Durable Exercise Wheel - Sugar Gliders, Degus, Rats, Hedgehogs, Prairie Dogs & Small Pets


Silent runner 12” is another chinchilla wheel from Exotic Nutrition we like since it features an innovative design plus it has safety and whisper-silent spin features. The wheel has a stable and safe running surface without pinch areas.

The running tracks are textured to ensure that the chins have non-slip, and excellent grip when spinning. The wheel doesn’t have a center axle which provides no risk of spinal injury or the chins fur/tail entanglement while exercising.

Your chinchillas will enjoy smooth and silent spinning thanks to the innovative ball-bearings. The wheel also comes with cage attachment to for easy mounting.

Key Features

Reliable and safe running surface with no pinch areas

Textured running tracks for excellent grip and non-slip

No center axle thus eliminates the risk of spinal injury

Innovative ball-bearings for a smooth and silent spin

Features a cage attachment for easy mounting

Natural bean-shaped openings for containment and safety


The dual-ball bearings of this wheel are stainless steel to ensure that the wheel glides quietly and smoothly

The axle-free construction reduces the risk of your chinchillas tail/fur entanglement and curvature of the spine during the spin

Built with a front plate for containment and safety of your chinchillas

The running tracks of this wheel are textured to offer your chinchillas an excellent grip when exercising


Most parts feature plastic material, and therefore, there’s a high possibility of the chins chewing on the wheel

The design is not open, so it prevents any droppings in the wheel from getting out hence the wheel gets messy easily

Some users have reported that the wheel doesn’t stay in place; thus it makes some noise when the chins are jumping and spinning


Kaytee Small Animal Silent Spinner Wheel Giant 12 Inch (Assorted Colors)


The Silent Spinner from Kaytee comes in fourth in our list of the top 5 best exercise wheel for your chinchillas in 2019 for some reasons. It features an enclosed spinner hub which helps in reducing the noise when your furry friends are spinning.

The exercise wheel work in two ways: You can either attach it directly to your wired cage or use it free standing. Furthermore, the exercise wheel features quality plastic with a safe and comfortable running surface for your chins feet.

The silent spinner wheel is available in different sizes giant 12”, Large 10”, regular 6.5” and mini 4.5” plus it comes in two color options, purple and green.

Key Features

12 inches in diameter

Perfect for chinchillas as it promotes healthy exercise

Features an enclosed spinner hub for entirely quiet spinning

Works in two ways: Freestanding or directly attached to a wire cage

Available in different sizes: Giant, large, regular and mini.

Comes in two color options: Green and Purple


The parts of the wheel are detachable making cleaning much easier

You can either use it free standing or attach it directly to your wired cage

Comes in different sizes giving you an option to choose a size that suits your chins best


Most users reported that Kaytee new model wheel begins to wobble, squeak and loosen after two weeks of use

Other users added that the “Silent Spinner” is not as silent as the advertisement suggests especially when you attach it to your cage

Some owners also said the material is not durable and doesn’t last long as they had hoped

One person mentioned that after purchasing the wheel, the entire setup broke after using it for a few months


Kaytee Comfort Wheel Giant 12 Inches


Kaytee Comfort is another excellent exercise wheel for your Chinchillas as it features an open design allowing your pets’ secure, safe entrance and exit. The running surface is stable and safe allowing your chinchillas to have quiet operation.

Every Comfort wheel features a 2-way attachment clip, and a heavy-duty wire stand such that you can easily clip it to a wire cage or use it free-standing.

Better still, the wheel is available in sizes giant, large and small giving you an option to choose one that will fit in your cage as well as suits your chinchillas needs.

Key Features

12-inch diameter wheel

Encourage healthy exercise

Suitable for chinchillas

You can either attach it to a wire cage or use it freestanding

Available in sizes giant, large and small

Colors Vary


The wheel is extensive and provides a safe place for your chinchillas to exercise

The wheel features an open design which is ideal for easy cleaning

The freestanding option is excellent as your pets can still enjoy some exercise outside as you clean their cage


A bit noisy when attached to the cage but you can reduce the noise by tying some yarn behind the axel

Some customers reported that the material of the wheel is not durable and can’t last your chins long

Buyers Guide: Chinchilla Wheel Recommendations

Chinchilla Wheel Size (Get a Large Wheel): 

An exercise wheel for your chinchillas should at least have a minimum of 14 to 16 inches diameter to give your pets’ ample space to exercise and eliminate the risk of injuring their spine and back muscles.

Chinchilla Wheel Running surface: 

Ensure that the wheel you get for your furry friends has a stable and safe running surface that’s comfortable for their nimble feet. The running surface should also be wide enough to enhance the safety of your chinchillas. Be sure to have soft bedding if your chinchilla should fall off the wheel.

Chinchilla Wheel Material: 

It’s mandatory to get your chinchillas an exercise wheel made of a chew-proof material for them to stay healthy. In general, if they start chewing stuff they shouldn't get some chew toys or hay for them.

Also, ensure you get the right mechanisms or bolts to secure the wheel to your cage to prevent it from getting loose for the safety of your chins.

The Edges of the Wheel: 

The edge of your exercise wheel should be smoothly hemmed with no seams or joints for the safety of your chinchillas when making their entry and exit.

How You Train Your Chinchilla to Use Their Exercise Wheel:

Most chinchilla owners will tell you it’s a challenge to train your chinchilla how to use their exercise wheel, but once they get-the-hang-of it, becomes easy. For some chins, you need to place the wheel in their cage, and after a few days out of curiosity they will figure out how to use it naturally.

If your pets can’t figure out how to you use the wheel; naturally, you can teach they by merely luring them onto the wheel using their favorite treat. Once they get on the wheel, slowly start spinning the wheel until they get used to the motion of it.

You may be required to do it a few more times until your chinchilla realizes how it works, for them to start running on it. It’s necessary to supervise your chins during the exercise and limit exercise intervals probably to 15 minutes, and then you can return your chinchillas to their habitat for water, food and rest until they learn to do it independently.

Make a point of creating a routine for your pets just that they will know when it’s their time to play and when they should rest.


It’s worth noting that a chinchilla wheel shouldn’t be a replacement for your pets’ daily exercise. It’s necessary to let your pets outside their cage regularly for playtime and free-running as a wheel is a supplement that keeps them entertained inside the cage.

It's important to do thorough research before purchasing an exercise wheel for your chinchillas keeping in mind that safety is a priority.

Our review of the top 5 best exercise wheels for your chinchillas in 2019 include feedback from online customers who have already used these wheels to help you choose one that suits your pets’ needs. 

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