Best Chinchilla Hay (for happy chins) | 2019 REVIEW

What is the best type of hay for my chinchillas?

Not sure whether you should go for Timothy Hay, Alfalfa, Brome Hay, or Alpine Hay?

Or maybe you already know the answer and are looking for the very best hay out there?

Then keep reading, because today we have reviewed the top 3 best hays for your chinchillas’, which will help their digestive systems to function properly. And below the reviews you can figure out just what kind of hay to get if you're still not sure what to get.

So, let's get started.


Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting 'Super Soft' Timothy Hay Pet Food, 10 Lb.


This Timothy hay from small pet select is the 3rd cutting leafy and super soft hay and contains less seed head and stem. Timothy hay is green and comes in 3 cuts. The 1st cutting is coarse with a lot of heads but full of fiber. The 2nd cutting is a mixture of firm and softer green hay, and it’s the most common and popular in many pet stores. The 3rd cutting is leafy and soft and ideal for picky eaters.

Most picky chins love this hay since it’s easier for them to chew than other hay. Most pets don’t like hay with stems making it this more ideal since its super soft.

Quality matters when it comes to hay hence the need to get your chins best especially if they are fussy eaters. You will still need to get your pets grass hay to ensure they get enough nutrients for their health.

Key Features

The most super soft Leafy 3rd cutting Timothy Hay

This hay is ideal for picky eaters as it doesn’t contain stem and seed head

Most pets like it since it’s easier to chew on


Small Pet Select 1st Cutting 'High Fiber' Timothy Hay Pet Food, 10 LB


1st cutting Timothy Hay from Small Pet select comes in second in our list of the top three best hays for chinchillas'. 1st cutting Timothy hay is high in fiber and contains more flower heads than the 2nd cutting. It also comes with a bit more stem than the 2nd cutting, but it’s leafy and soft as well just not like the 3rd cutting.

The hay is from the current crop year hence delivered fresh making it ideal and enjoyable for your furry friends’. Better still, the 1st cutting Timothy hay is green, sweet tasting and clean to help maintain your chins dental health and wellbeing. The hay is formulated to meet your chinchillas’ nutritional needs.

Key Features

The 1st cutting Timothy hay is higher on fiber

Contains more flower heads than other cutting but still leafy and soft

Formulated to meet pets nutritional needs


Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay 60 Ounces


Wafer cut hay from Kaytee is another one we recommend for your pets since its hand-selected to ensure proper leaf to stem ratio and high fiber that supports your chins digestive health. Furthermore, this hay contains calcium and lower protein which helps your chinchillas’ urinary health.

Better still, Kaytee Timothy hay is naturally grown in an ideal environment for superior moisture and climate control. It’s also well stored in a protected environment to ensure that nutritional values are maintained.

This hay features all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or colors, and it’s ideal for pets over seven months. The package comes with wafer cut that helps you to peel off the hay in layers for easy feeding and to avoid a mess. 

Key Features

High fiber supports chins digestive health

Ideal for pets over seven months

Provides added nutritional values to your chins

Features calcium and lower proteins to support chins urinary health

Peels off in layers for easy feeding and less mess

High protein content of 16%

Is it okay to switch chinchillas’ food?

It’s necessary to change the food you feed on your chins regularly to ensure that they get different food items in their diet for the overall health.

However there some food items that you should avoid when it comes to chinchillas since they are sensitive pets. You should avoid fatty foods like nuts and seeds as this would make your furry friends diarrhea, which would mean you have to change bedding in the chinchilla cage.

Vegetables and fruits should also be given in moderation as they contain natural sugars which are not suitable for your chinchillas’ teeth and wellbeing.

Make wise choices about your pets diets as their health and well-being rely on you.


Your pets’ health should be a priority by ensuring that you feed them on quality food. The amount of hay you give your chinchillas’ should vary depending on their size. You should feed your chins hay in loose, bin or hopper in addition to commercial, regular food.

Hay is ideal for your chins as they chew and grind with their back molars keeping them trimmed and short to prevent them overgrowing for their dental health.

For that reason, it’s advisable to feed your chins with hay consistently plus you should continuously avail clean water to your pets for easy digestion and to also help in absorbing the nutrients from the hay.

Always ensure that your store your chinchillas’ hay in a protected environment that’s cool and dry. Get your hay from manufacturers known for producing quality and nutritional hay and also understands the importance of your pet’s health. In addition to great hay, a good exercise wheel is also vital for your chinchilla.

With the above review of the top 3 best hays for chinchillas, we hope you get the best hay that suits your chins best. 

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