5 Best Chinchilla Hammocks (for harmonic relaxation)

A chinchilla hammock is a great way to provide your furry friends with some cuddly and soft place they can rest and sleep when not exercising - and a chinchilla hammock works best. 

It can be a single or double- layer made out of rope or fleece, and they are perfect for making your chins feel more secure in their habitat. 

Oh yeah - just because some manufacturers call something a “chinchilla hammock” it doesn’t mean that all of these things are good for chinchillas hence the need to thoroughly read through the labels to be sure.

To help you get the best hammock for your chinchillas’ we have reviewed the top 5 best chinchilla hammocks in 2019 making your search a breeze.


Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock, Fit 2 Adult Ferrets or 5 More Adult Rats, Chocolate Color


The Niteangel luxury is a double bunk bed hammock that provides your chins with a soft and comfortable spot to nap and snuggle after a day of exercise and fun. With this double bunk bed, your furry friends have two options as they can either snuggle at the bottom space or lounge on the top layer of the hammock.

The hammock features durable straps to help you position and attach it safely to your chinchillas' wired cage.

Better still; the hammock is made of quality plush fabric that is comfortable for your chins. Furthermore, the hammock is machine washable making sure your chins will always snooze in a clean place.

It’s important to note that this hammock is not indestructible but should last your chins a longer time.

Key Features

Made from quality plush fabric for your chins safety

The hammock is large and stylish for the comfort and security of your chins

Features sturdy straps which ensure safe attachment to the chins cage

Its machine washable and you can still hand wash it to ensure that your chins have a clean snooze place


WINOMO Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy Snuggle Hut for Squirrel, Chinchilla, Guinea, Pig, Rat, Mice, Small


WINOMO Pet hammock is a perfect fuzzy nest for your chinchillas with soft texture material that allows your chins to enjoy the comfortable touch. The hammock features four hanging corrosion resistant and anti-rust clips that will enable you to attach it firmly to your chins cage for their safety.

WINOMO hammock provides a warm and safe place for your chins to play inside and sleep. The hammock features a firm structure with refined stitching for long-lasting and durable use.

This hammock is not only a bed for your chins it can also be used as a toy to entertain your chins.

Key Features

Easy to attach and use with corrosion resistant and anti-rust four clip chains for portable hanging

Features super soft texture for your chins to have a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation

Comes in a hut like design with a hole which is ideal to keep your chins safe and secure

The structure is firm with refined stitching for a long-lasting and durable use

It is washable to ensure that your chinchillas' play and sleep in a clean place


Jocestyle Cat Guinea-Pig Chinchilla Rabbits Ferret Hanging Hammock Position Cashmere Owl Printed Small Animal Bed Pad Mat (L)


Jocestyle chinchilla hammock is another one in our list of the top 5 best chinchilla hammock we recommend. Your chins will snuggle up tight comfortably thanks to this hammock that is made of quality cashmere plus soft canvas material

The hammock features durable stainless steel hooks for portable hanging in your chins cage. You can either hang this hammock on the cage or spread it on the floor for the chins to use it as a met.

It is also machine washable, but you can still hand wash it to ensure that your pets sleep in a clean place for their hygiene.

Key Features

Made of quality material that is easy to clean for your chins safety and hygiene

Soft and comfortable for your chins to enjoy their rest

Features durable stainless steel hooks for portable hanging

The hammock can be hanged on the cage or spread on the floor and used as a pet mat


HOPET Cat Hammock, 2 Packs Pet Dog Small Animal Cage Hammock Bed Squirrel Guinea-Pig Chinchilla Hammocks Mat Pad Hamster Ferret Hanging Beds Comforter (18.5 x 14.7 inches)


Hopet chinchilla hammock features double layer design with two sides for any season. The Oxford fabric is ideal for cooling during summer while the polar fleece interior offers your chins comfort and warmth during cold days.

The hammock is large, sturdy and can hold chins with up to 10 pounds. It comes with four durable and adjustable straps to help you attach it firmly to any chins cage.

Hopet chinchilla hammock is well constructed and large enough to offer your chins comfort and safety. It's available in blue and red looking attractive and elegant.

Key Features

Features double layer design: Oxford fabric for cooling during summer and Polar fleece interior for comfort and warmth

Comes with durable, adjustable straps for easy attaching to the cage

Large and sturdy to hold chins with up to 10 pounds

Available in blue and red


Winomo Squirrel Chinchilla Guinea Pig Rat Small Animals Snuggle Hammock Hanging Snuggle Cave Hut - Size L


Winomo chinchilla hammock is made of cotton which is soft and comfy giving your chins a comfortable feeling when resting. Better still, this hammock features a design with a peephole on one side that adapts to the chinchillas' nature. The peephole help to keep the hammock ventilated as well as encourage the chins to play and rest.

This hammock is a large size meaning its spacious creating ample room for the chins to exercise and rest easy. The design of this hammock helps to preserve heat so your pets can play and sleep in a warm place during cold weather.

The hammock also comes with chains and hooks making it easy to install or hang on your chins cage.

Key Features

The thick cotton material is soft and comfy for your chinchillas

Hut-like design with a peephole on one side keep the hammock ventilated

Comes with four chains and hooks for easy installation and hanging on the cage

Features a design that makes it safe and warm for your chins to play inside and sleep


Resting is as essential as exercise is to a chinchilla hence the need to get them a comfortable hammock where they can relax and rest after a fun play day. In our top 5 best chinchilla hammock in 2019 we got something for everyone.

You will be glad to know that chinchillas love hammocks since it makes them feel comfortable when resting hence its ideal to include it in their habitat. Other things you should have in the cage include a chinchilla wheel, good bedding, hay to chew and proper food.

When shopping for a chinchilla hammock ensure you get one that features nonfraying fabric, such as fleece to avoid the chinchilla chewing on it.

One last advice no matter what you do: Ensure that the hammock you get features material that the chinchillas' can’t chew on for their health and safety. 

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