7 Best Chinchilla Cages in 2019 (Money can Buy)

We all want the best for our chinchillas.

And the single most important part of chinchilla well-being is their cage.

With all the options out there it can be difficult to figure out which one to get for our furry freinds but today we offer the solution. We have reviewed the 7 best Chinchilla cages in 2019 to make your search for the best cage a breeze.


Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone


Feisty Ferret cage from Prevue Hendryx is an ideal home for your chinchillas as it offers your pets plenty of space to jump and play around. The cage features shelves, ramps, and a hammock to ensure that your fuzzy friends are content and entertained. The caregiver can easily access the pets thanks to the two large doors. The doors also have escape-proof locks to ensure that the ferrets can’t open.

Better still; the cage comes with a bottom tray and platforms grille that is easy to remove for easy cleaning to ensure that your pets stay in a clean cage for better health. It’s easy to carry Feisty ferret cage from one room to others thanks to the Castered stand that makes it portable. Furthermore, the cage has a space saver shelf for holding supplies, toys, and treats.

To ensure that you bring up happy and healthy pets make a point of washing you Feisty ferret cage regularly with warm water, mild soap, and non-abrasive cage scrubber.

Key Features

Features a wrought iron construction with Hammertone finish

Boasts a play space and four levels of living

Features easy-rolling casters and storage shelf

Removable debris tray

Boasts two solid front doors featuring escape-proof locks

Features a mid-level floor that separates the cage in two halves to create two separate spaces

Dimensions: 54-inches high, 20-inches wide, 31-inches long with 7/8-inches wire spacing


Easy to assemble and clean

Tall and spacious unit with multiple levels to explore

Two large full-width double doors with escape-proof locks

Wire construction that’s chew-proof

Features a free hammock

Highly accessible and well-ventilated

Can separate into two cages and has a caster for portability


Caregivers reported the mid-level platform made of wire need to be covered for protection. You can do so using a fleece blanket, fabric materials or loose bedding.

7/8 inches bar space requires mesh wiring to avoid the chinchillas from escaping. It’s something you can easily implement

You will need a fleece blanket to cover the wire cage bottom for the chinchillas to be comfortable

The hard plastic ramps are not so suitable for the clumsy, little chinchillas maneuverability

The latches are quite loud if you have jumpers


Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose, 31 x 20.5 x 40 IN


Earth-dusted is another excellent chinchilla cage from Prevue Hendryx that we like since its features stable platforms and metal ramps making it durable and can withstand years of use. The cage is slightly smaller than Feisty Ferret model but can accommodate chinchillas and it’s also ideal for rats and baby ferrets.

With 3/8 inches wire spacing, the cage can accommodate chinchillas of all ages, and you can rest easy knowing even the baby chinchillas can’t escape.

Again, the rooftop door and the large front doors allow you to access your furry friends. Better still, the removable plastic tray and bottom grille make cleaning easy and quick.

The wire insert that goes over the tray also helps to separate your pets from their waste to ensure that they stay clean and healthy although the cage can function without the wire still. Furthermore, the cage prides itself with wind-bell lock at the bottom, which provides extra protection to your pets and prevents them from pushing the tray out even without the grille.

This Earthone dusted cage features a practical design and bottom shelf ideal for storing treats, extra food, and supplies. 

Key Features

It’s portable, well-ventilated and escape-free

Features 3/8 inches bar spacing

Easy to clean pull-out waste tray

Solid construction and features a lower storage shelf

Multiple levels and metal platforms

Features wind-bell lock


Features a compact design with adequate space for the chinchillas to exercise and rest

Multiple levels of play space/living

Removable tray for convenient cleaning and feeding

Easy-rolling casters and lower storage shelf to keep the chinchillas content and entertained

Has metal ramps and platforms built to withstand years of use

Features wind-bell locks for extra protection towards escaping pets


The cage is a bit small to hold larger sized animals you will be required to replace the floor with larger slats

Some users reported that the cage has malfunctioning wires

Some users reported that assembling the cage was complicated


Yaheetech 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage with 3 Front Doors/Feeder/Wheels Small Animal Cage Hutch for Ferret Bunny Indoor Outdoor,Black


Yaheetech ferret cage comes in third on our list of best chinchilla cages in 2019 for various reasons. The cage features ample interior space to ensure that your pets are comfortable and can maneuver easily.

The extra large space allows you to put several small pets in the cage at the same time while the five tiers connected with ramps allow your pets to climb and have somewhere to rest. The ramps are non-slip to ensure that your pets can’t slip when climbing.

It’s easy to assemble and clean this cage that features heavy-duty casters. The removable tray aid in the easy cleaning of the cage plus the mesh panel between the tray and pets help in preventing the pets from laying or walking on their droppings, ensuring tidiness of your cage and hygiene of your pets.

Additionally, the cage features multiple doors for easy cleaning and entry. The doorways are arched and secured with latches to ensure your pets are safe and secure even when you’re not around.

Yaheetech ferret cage is built to last with a stable and reliable structure. Better still, the cage features hammertone painting finish that is wear and rust resistance so you can take your pets out in your home to open air with no worries.

The cage is convenient to move from one point to another making it a great deal for home use.

Key Features

Features extra large exercise space for pets

Has multiple doors for easy cleaning and entry

Features non-slip ramps with convex figures for your pet's safety

Comes with slide-out tray and mesh panel between the shelf and pets

Great for home and outdoor use

Features a stable and reliable structure


Easy to assemble and clean

The cage is extra large allowing your pets to maneuver, jump and exercise at ease

A stable and durable construction built with iron bars that are chew-proof to ensure the cage last long

Features removable food tray and water bottle that fit the pet’s ideal location

Three large doors for easy access to your pets and cleaning the cage

Features adjustable ramps to prevent the chinchillas from falling


The wire bottom is not comfortable for the chinchilla’s feet to rest

The ladders are a bit slick for any pet, but you can replace them with wooden ones

The bars are far apart hence small pets can easily escape


MidWest Homes for Pets 182 Ferret Nation Double Story Unit, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


The Ferret Nation double unit from Midwest homes is another cage we recommend since it’s an excellent habitat for your chinchillas, ferrets and even hedgehogs. This cage features a spacious living area that your pets require to grow.

The full, expansive shelf and plastic pan floor ensure that your pets have plenty of play room and help prevent the pets from dangerous falls. The shelf features a removable tray that provides easy cleaning.

Ferret nation cage is also height adjustable, and the mess shelf is removable such that you can modify it to suit your pets’ needs. The cage has full-width doors which provide easy accessibility for feeding, cleaning and when you want to decorate your cage.

Additionally, the doors feature locking latches that secure your chinchillas and enable you to operate the door with one hand. The Ferret nation cage also features multiple attaching points to help you add toys, hammocks, tubes and other accessories.

Key Features

Full-width double doors

Maneuverable cage with locking casters for pets’ security

Features dual locking latches and “Happy feet’ ramp covers

Adjustable and removable shelf and a Plastic Pan Floor and wide expanse shelf

Its machine washable plus dryer friendly

Quartz hammertone finish


This cage is sturdy and durable to withstand years of use

The wire construction is chew-proof making it an ideal habitat for chinchillas

Features full-width doors and removable shelves for maximum accessibility when feeding and cleaning.

Full-width leak-proof pan and expanse shelf provides the chinchillas play area while preventing dangerous falls.

Comes with “happy feet” ramp covers to ensure that the chinchillas stay comfortable

Easily maneuverable thanks to the 4 locking wheel casters


Some users reported the cage has some misalignments, but it’s not something you can't fix

Selected users said the bottom shelf can fall off


Homey Pet 3 Tiers Chinchilla Hamster Rat Ferret Cage with Sleeping Platform, Pull Out Tray, Urine Guard and Lockable Casters, Brown, L26 x W17 x H38


The Three-tier Chinchilla cage from Homey Pet is slightly smaller compared to other cages we have on our list. The cage is probably suitable for one pet, but two small ones can still fit.

The cage mainly features plastic material and metal wires which is still ideal for your furry friends. The cage has two doors and wires that are spaced 4/5 inches apart for easy entry when you want to access the pets.

The cage boasts a urine guard to ensure that your home stays clean plus the plastic bottom mesh is ideal to keep the pets healthy.

The pull out tray is convenient for easy cleaning, and the separate plastic base ensures that your pets stay off their waste for hygiene and tidiness of your little chinchillas.

You can quickly move your cage from one place to another within your homestead thanks to the lockable casters. Furthermore, the cages finish is a non-toxic powder that prevents your cage from rusting and keeps the enclosure safe to ensure your animals are secure and safe. 

Key Features

Features a urine guard

Pull out tray

Lockable casters

Plastic separate base

No tools needed to assemble

Non-toxic powder finish


Features separate waste area to help keep your chinchillas healthy and clean from waste

The cage boasts a urine guard to ensure the chinchillas home stays clean

Removable tray allows convenient cleaning

Features three levels enabling the pets to explore inside the cage

Features a non-toxic powder coating finish for excellent corrosion and anti rust ability to keep the pets healthy.

Lockable casters enable you to move the pets from one place to another within your home.


Limited space for several pets

The plastic material is not chew-proof

Some users reported that the ramps are flimsy and the shelves are weak

Other users said the bottom of this cage is not sturdy


Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard & Metal Grate - 3-story - 24x17x38' - Brown


Dreamhome chinchilla cage features a roomy multi-tier design which allows your pets to move freely and rest in any space of the enclosure. The wire spacing is 0.8 inches to ensure that your pets can’t escape while the front access doors are an easy squeeze.

The cage also features chew-resistant plastic and a urine guard which prevent the pet's waste from escaping the cage. Additionally, the metal grate bottom prevents the pets from eating the base of the cage.

Like most of the cages on our list, Dream home cage also features a pullout tray that is easy to clean. The cage finish is non-toxic lead powder coating that prevents the cage from corrosion and rusting.

Key Features

Dimensions: 38”H * 17”W *24”L

Roomy multi-tier design and a pull out tray for easy cleaning

Lockable caster wheels ease the maneuverability

0.8“wire spacing ideal for security and safety and features a urine guard and chew resistant plastic

Metal grate base separates waste making sure the pets stay healthy and clean

Non-toxic lead powder prevents corrosion and rust


Features a compact but spacious design to ensure that the chinchillas have adequate room to exercise

Features a metal grate base plate that separate waste and help keep the chinchillas clean and healthy

The metal grate base plates also prevent the chinchillas from chomping through base and the urine guard keeps the waste from escaping

The wire spacing is 0.8 inches for security and safety of the chinchillas

The lockable wheels ensure easy transportation and relocation of the cage

Non-toxic lead powder finish prevent the cage against corrosion and rust


Assembling the cage takes time

Some users reported that the doors to this cage are relatively small


MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation Double Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 162)


The Critter Nation cage from Midwest sums up our list of 7 best chinchilla cages.

The cage is designed to ensure that your critters stay healthy and happy as well as provide you easy accessibility when you want to clean the cage or feed the pets.

The cage features three ramps and covers to ensure that your pets’ feet are protected and to provide non-slip and traction when the pets pass between levels. The full-width double doors provide accessibility for smooth feeding and cleaning while the locking door latches are critter-proof and enable you to open using one hand.

The ½ inches wire spacing allows your pets to climb, explore and exercise in a safe and secure environment.

The critter nation cage is easy to move around within the compound, and the locking casters help in keeping it in place and raising it to a comfortable height as well as providing ample space for storage.

Key Features

Full-width double door for smooth feeding and cleaning

Three ramps and ramp covers

½” wire spacing for maximum pet security

Locking Casters


Spacious to allow the chinchillas to climb, jump, run, and rest. In addition, has a “happy feet” ramp that covers and protect the chinchilla’s feet

Features a rust-resistant, heavy-duty metal construction

Full-width double doors ensure that you have maximum accessibility to your chinchillas

Well-ventilated and highly accessible

Spacious storage for toys and other accessories to keep your chinchillas entertained and the wheels enable easy movements

Removable height-adjustable shelves ensure easy cleaning and efficient feeding


Slightly expensive

Quite heavy for some users

Some users found it somewhat complicated to assemble

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying Chinchillas Cage

The market offers an array of chinchilla cages that vary in size, design, and prices hence the need to understand the essential factors you should consider to ensure you get the best cage for your furry friends. Below are vital factors you should consider

Chinchilla Cage Size: Get a large cage

Chinchillas are jumpers and climbers by nature and require sufficient space to exercise and rest. The size of your new furry friend’s home is the first thing you consider to ensure that the pets will be happy and healthy.  The cage should accommodate your pets and their accessories, so you have to ensure that the size suits your chinchillas needs.

A right cage should have multi-levels, platforms, hammocks, toys and ramps ideal for your chinchillas. First, decide the number of chinchillas you want to keep then go for a cage that suits all their needs. And remember: One wheel per chinchilla in the cage.

In addition, scope out a place in the cage for food and hay.

Get a Safe Cage for Your Chinchilla

Safety of your pets is paramount hence the need to go for a cage that doesn’t compromise on safety and security of your chinchillas.

The cage should feature quality, and sturdy material that keep your pets protected and well-ventilated to ensure the pets are healthy and happy.

A wire cage is a winning choice for your pets since its sturdy and still allows air flow in and out of the cage. A well-ventilated cage prevents heat stroke, especially in humid areas.

The base of the cage should be sturdy and durable but not wired. The material of the base shouldn’t hurt the feet of the chinchillas. You can line the base tray of your cage with fleece or paper bedding to ensure that the chinchillas are comfortable.

The chinchillas are vicious chewers; therefore you should avoid plastic accessories inside your cage as plastics are harmful to your pets healthy. In case you get a cage that includes plastic parts ensure that the plastic is chew-proof, heavy-duty or it’s well covered.

Easy Accessibility and Cleaning

An ideal cage for your pets should allow you to access your pets easily when you want to feed them and provides enough room for easy cleaning. Ensure that the cage you choose for your chinchillas offer maximum accessibility and visibilities to enable you to interact well with your pets.

Additionally, the type of beddings you choose to use for the pets should fit well with the cage’s pan or tray. Should you select fabric or fleece beddings, a shallow tray or pan is ideal as you can wrap your material around your tray and clip it. On the other hand, if you choose loose bedding try a deep pan of about 2” depth to prevent poop flinging out on the floor when the chinchillas play.

In addition, you should also make sure to give your chinchillas a dust bath.

Escape–Proof Chinchilla Cage

Ensure that the cage you choose for your pets is escape-proof. These mini creatures have majestic fluff bodies and if the cage features an ample space between bars they can squeeze their heads and escape.  A great rule of thumb is choosing a cage that features not more than 0.5 inches bar spacing.


 Now that you know what a right Chinchilla cage entails you can go ahead and buy one that suits your budget and meet your pets’ needs. Our review of the 7 Best Chinchilla cages in 2019 will make your search for the best cage a breeze. The cages are affordable, durable and don’t compromise on your chinchillas' safety, comfort, and health.

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